Writing Services

Crystal Clear Resources offers customizable writing services designed to elevate the impact of your project. Whether your needs are conversational, technical, or anything in between, our professional writing staff knows how to communicate your idea effectively. Don’t just reach your audience – inspire your audience!

Our current writing services include:

Technical Writing

Our technical writing service takes your project to the next level by conveying your idea in language that is clear, concise, and customized to your audience. From web content and articles to manuals and specialized documents, we know how to make your idea engaging and perfectly easy to understand.

Grant Writing

We work with you to ensure that your grant application perfectly reflects the unique nature and needs of your organization. From the initial planning stages to final submission, Crystal Clear Resources provides support and expert writing skills to guide you through every step of the way.

Speech Writing

Our speech writing services are designed to help you successfully communicate your ideas verbally to any type of audience. Every speech writing session also includes complimentary speech coaching sessions, guaranteed to ensure that the way you communicate the idea is as striking as the idea itself.


Sometimes all your idea needs is an attentive and knowledgeable editor. Crystal Clear Resources provides editing services that not only check for grammar and spelling, but also assess flow, tone, and clarity. Transform any document into one that is compelling and interesting to read!

“I was fortunate to work with Megan on a number of technical writing projects. Megan is wildly intelligent and a gifted writer – two skills which she fused together to turn my wild idea into a clear, well-worded message. Megan’s capability extends beyond the ability to place words on a page: she also weaved in the intangibles of my project into her work (the important ideas, foundation concepts and meanings, and emotions). I could not have individually accomplished what Megan put together for me. I am glad I worked with Megan @ Crystal Clear Resources”
Peter Romenesko, VP, Innovation at Breakthrough Fuel

“Crystal Clear Resources and Megan Dickman have proven to be an efficient and highly effective writing, editing and information strategy business and academic partner. Using her creative yet technically sound skillset, she finds ways to guide my writing in a manner that feels effortless and absolutely rewarding. Crystal Clear Resources has continually impressed me and those that have privilege to enjoy the outcome of our collaboration.” Vincent R. Catteruccia MSc., RKT, FAIPM, ISCRS, NASM-PES, Industrial/Clinical Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Expert, ASU-Doctoral Candidate