Book Writing & Development

Books are a great way to make your ideas public, to build a brand, or to begin a discussion. Crystal Clear Resources offers book writing and book development services that are designed to enhance your work at all stages of the process, from refining your initial idea all the way through to perfecting the final manuscript.

We are skilled in writing, developing, and editing both fiction and non-fiction and are able to accommodate technical and non-technical subjects.

Book Writing

Our book writing services are designed to develop your idea into a finely-crafted book. We work with you to ensure that content, tone, and style all accurately represent you and your idea, so that the finished product sounds just like you the wrote it! A book is a great way to increase brand visibility or to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Manuscript Review

Our manuscript review service is for nearly-finished fiction or non-fiction books and is designed to help you produce the highest quality product for publication!

Development Editing

Our developmental editing services are for both fiction and non-fiction and are focused on helping you develop your work into a compelling final book. We work with you to refine the mechanics of your book, including elements of style, structure, plot development and character development.

Line Editing

Line editing services check your work for grammar and spelling, as well as flow, tone, and clarity. Our editors are passionate, knowledgeable, and able to work in a variety of writing and citation styles. See the difference that an attentive and thoughtful editor can make!

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan Dickman of Crystal Clear Resources since October 2017. In this period Megan has not only helped me improve the novel we are working on; she made me a better writer overall. Her ability to point out the problematic areas and guide me through improving on my weaknesses is outstanding. She pulled me so far out of my comfort zone I don’t even recall where that comfort zone originally was. Megan offered me both reassurance and critique; directions, explanations, and resources – not to mention her eagle-eye for my grammar and spelling mistakes. We continue working together, and she inspires me to continue improving. I couldn’t recommend her services enough.”
Bjørn Larssen