Megan L. Dickman is the Principal Owner and Writer for Crystal Clear Resources. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013 in Classics, Art History, Anthropology, and Classical Humanities, with a certificate in European Studies. In 2016, she received her Masters from Bryn Mawr College in Greek, Latin and Classical Studies.  

During college, while many students embraced using complex and overly technical vocabulary, Megan became interested in the notion of expressing complicated thoughts in simple terms. She found that language could be used as a formidable tool to help convey ideas, but that it could just as often be used to cloud and conceal meaning.

With this opinion in mind, Megan worked throughout college as an editor and as a sounding board and tutor for other students’ written, oral, and foreign language presentations. As her own work became more involved with foreign languages, she realized that the same tenets could be applied to translation. With a careful understanding of each language and its characteristics, she found that clear translations could be made from one language to the other, with almost no information lost in the process.

She also pursued several other projects that were geared towards summarizing complex and often technical subjects for the public, including designing and curating a museum exhibit in Madison, WI. and producing technical writing for a mobile tour of Philadelphia, PA (Classicizing Philadelphia).

After graduating from college in 2016, Megan realized that she had developed a genuine passion for helping other communicate ideas, arguments, and goals clearly and simply. As a result, she decided to develop Crystal Clear Resources – a company based on the principle that even the most complicated thoughts can be made perfectly easy to understand.